Name: Pejman
Surname: Bolourchi
Born: 1354
marital status: Married
Degree: Bachelor of Music (Santour Specialist)
Master of Business Administration International
Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Multifunctional Cultural Arts Institute of Nahaleh Rudaki, including 3 subsidiary companies

educational experience:
         Santour (Iranian traditional Instrument) education from the age of 9 with honorable masters: Reza Shafieyan (3 years) - Pachang Kamkar (5 years) - Omid Planet (2 years old) - Parviz Meshkatian (10 years)
       Composing and Arranging  training by Master Farhad Fakhredini (5 years old) - Vahran Sahakian (2 years)
       Teaching Daf with Master Bijan Kamkar (3 years)
       Entrance to the University of Music from Bachelor's Degree from 2000 to 2004 Managing Sound Recordings Institute since the year

Teaching Experience:

•    Teaching music since 1981      
•    Teaching in music Institute in the capital city of Iran for 27 years.      
•    Teaching short courses in audio and compilation software training (15 years)
•     Management - Teaching and Honored Artist of Hesar Music School (7 years)
•    CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nahaleh Rudaki Institute since        2005.
•    Managing Sound Studio of the Institute since 2000.
•    Management of the Department of Audiovisual Works of the Institute since 2001
•     Management of the advertising and sponsorship section of the musicals and concerts of the institute since 2001
•    Management of  Congress and Concert Department Conduct Management since  2005      
•    Managing the purchase of audio works of the Institute since 2005

 Co-operative in various orchestras as a musician as  or composer or Arranger  in Iran, and collaborating with renowned traditional Persian musicians such as  Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Shahram Nazeri, Ali Reza Ghorbani, Hadi Montazeri, Mohammad Motamedi, and Hojjat Ashrafzadeh  and (as a music player or Arranger or  composer or music producer)

Presence in numerous music albums as  a musician and regulator (since 1993)
 Establishment and management of Multifunctional Cultural Institute of Nahaleh Rudaki since 2002
 Establishment of the first digital music recording studio in Iran (2002)

Establishment and management of 5 sections of the above mentioned institute since 2002  include:
       1) Sound recording studio section (capture more than 220 works)
       2) Production, distribution and distribution of audio works (owner of more than 35 titles of music album)
       3) Producer for Congress and Concert (Conduct more than 750 Concerts and Conferences)
       4) Provision and production of visual works (the owner of the title 2 film title and 1 animation)
       5) Advertising and Graphics section

Expert of the program of specialized music in Radio Iran,( your voice Radio program) and TV network for two years (from 2013)

Producer of Concert Series by Professor Shahram Nazeri - Ehsan Khajeh Amiri - Mohsen Yeganeh - Rastak Group - Mohammad Esfahani - Khoshayar Etemadi - Ali Lohrasbi - Alirezaghbari - Salar Aghili - Dall Group - Mohammad Motamedi and a large number of music artists since 2002

Awards and honors :

•    Getting the title of the best and second  or Third player of Santour(Traditional Iranian Instrument) at the Student Festival and Fajr (8 years in succession)
•    Credits from the Visual Arts Film Festival for the production  Music for Glumy Film(2010)
•    Congratulations to the Visual Arts Film Festival for the production Music for Deep Movie Film (2011)
•    Multiple appreciation for the sound Designing of music from various institutions of  Music
•    Credit from  the Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine for live sound recording (with 110 microphones on the scene) by professor Loris Tjekonvarian.

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